The 5 Push-Up Workout

What if I told you that you can get noticeable results from 5 push-ups three times a week.  You can commit to 5 push-ups every other day, right?  You can fit that workout into a commercial break during The Bachelor.  The question now is: will you?
Here is the catch.  You have to do them in a specific manner.  So heed these instructions:
  • Get in the up position with hands just outside of shoulder width
  • Lower yourself slowly, count 8 seconds to get to the lowest position, without touching the ground with nose, stomach, or chest
  • Keep your back straight and abs tight
  • Your head can be facing down or forward, just don’t move it much once you start
  • Raise yourself back up slowly, count 8 seconds up.
  • Just before you get to the very top, the point where you want to lock your arms, stop
  • Repeat 4 more times
  • Breathe throughout – don’t hold your breath

It is okay if you struggle with even the first one.  Do not be surprised if your form falls apart before you get to 5.  However, once it does, stop for the day.  In two days, try again.

The goal is to get to 5 push ups, with good form, at 8 second count up and down.  Once you get there, increase the count to 10 seconds.  Once you achieve that consistently, increase to 6, then 7, then 8 push-ups.  If you get there, keep increasing the count.  Do no more than 8 push-ups, even if you can do 20 seconds up and 20 seconds down.

Slow push-ups are body-shakingly tough, but they build size.  Just follow the steps and pay close attention to your back, abs, and do not lock your arms at the top.  Locking your arms will make you want to take a break.  Taking a break ruins the workout.  You are basically training to failure by keeping a constant load on your upper body.  The number of push-ups don’t really matter.  The amount of time under load through the range of motion is critical.

Give it a shot for a week or two and see if your mirror starts to give you a pleasant surprise.  Let me know if you hate it or love it, too!

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